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    Pre-K, Teenagers, Adults, Business English, English For Construction, Hospitality and Help for getting back to work


    English Language Courses with Sports, for 12-16 year olds-since 2006

    If you are looking for a memorable and rewarding experience for your child, look no further than MBELS.


    At MBELS we offer three options:


    English Language Plus programme

    This programme combines English tuition with a chosen Specialist Option, a choice or two sports Football (Soccer) or Tennis.  Students receive three hours of English lessons and 45 minutes of specialist coaching per week.

    By providing the opportunity for students to practise their spoken English whilst doing something that they love, we provide an environment where students improve not only their language confidence, but also their skills in their chosen Specialist Option.


    Homestay/Home Tuition

    Home Tuition is a unique programme combining intensive language training and living in the home of your personal tutor. It is a highly intensive total immersion course in which your language skills develop quickly and naturally. The programme is suitable for general purposes, business purposes or academic purposes. In your one-to-one lessons you learn the essential skills, knowledge and language that you need.

    ·    Professional teachers selected for their ability to help you to achieve your goals.

    ·    Excellent programme management with local course management at the MBELS.

    ·    Great course locations in the UK and USA.

    New for 2018/19 we will be offering HOMESTAY/HOME TUITION, RESIDENTIAL CAMPS AND EDUCATIONAL TOURS in Orlando, Florida.


    Online FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, Whats App or Google+ lessons

    My British English Language School welcomes International students wanting to learn and improve their English, within a virtual reality environment.  By using FaceTime, Zoom, Whats App, Google + and Skype  students are able to access their personal teacher anytime and anywhere in the world.

    My English Language Training:

    A course with MBELS will change your life – providing you with the knowledge, skills and performance in a second language which help you to excel in your subjects at school, your job, win a promotion or a place at university. Whatever your goal we help you to achieve it while we challenge you to set yourself even more demanding targets. Our unique course design, highly effective methods and positive, professional teachers all help to create a dynamic learning environment.

    We have schools in great locations in London, England and Florida, Orlando. Each school is centrally located and offers a comfortable learning environment equipped to help you achieve.

    Our schools are multinational environments and there are lots of opportunities to use English. By the end of the course many of our students see themselves in a new light – as successful members of a global speaking world.


    We have completed eleven successful years of transforming our students into global communicators.